The 4 C’s to be Considered When Buying Vintage Diamond Rings

diamond 4cs

The diamonds found in classic jewelry are very different from the ones we get today, which is probably why so many people are attracted to them. They have their own character and history and because they were cut and polished by hand in the previous century, they have the unique one-of-a-kind look. The 4C’s refer to the color, carat, clarity and cut of the diamond.


Because diamonds are formed deep within the surface of the Earth with a combination of intense heat and high temperature, it is very rare that a perfect diamond is found. Clarity refers to the visual appearance of the internal characteristics, under 10 times magnification with a microscope, of diamonds which are widely known as inclusions.

In simpler terms, clarity measures the overall internal flawlessness of a diamond and the more perfect a diamond will be with regards to clarity the more expensive it will be owing to its rarity.



Classic diamond rings have diamonds that were cut by hand and they are seen to maintain their original beauty that laser cut diamonds often lose. A very valuable and rare type of diamond cut is the Old Mine cut. It is one of the classiest cuts and resembles the modern Round Brilliant cut but with the distinct old-timey feel. Other classic diamond cuts include Rose cut and Old European cuts.


Diamonds exude warm tones that are often used to identify their authenticity; the differences in color are very slight though. When viewed from the top, these diamonds appear whiter than they actually are and only a trained professional can notice the difference.


Carat is the weight of the diamond and directly affects its value. Larger diamonds are obviously more weighty and rare; therefore they are worth much more than several small ones.